VEGAS LUCK NFT is the 1st NFT collectible asset that allows you to own part of a movie; shares the revenue of a movie and soundtrack with its collectors; and those royalties are paid in perpetuity to the owner of the NFT. So, every time a song from the soundtrack is played on the radio, downloaded, or streamed, YOU get paid. Every time someone buys a movie ticket, streams the movie, or sees it on television, YOU get paid.

This exclusive project has ONLY 845 total VEGAS LUCK NFTs; with original one-of-a-kind, artwork from the movie's storyboard. There are 3 Tiers of tokens with benefits:

Associate Producer NFT --- 1 NFT = 0.04% of all revenue/royalties;

Co-Producer NFT --- 1 NFT = 0.5% of all revenue/royalties.

Exec.producer NFT --- 1 NFT = 1.25% of all revenue/royalties.