SOULS by Siaverse NFT





SOULS are living artworks created in collaboration between international pop star Sia and renowned visual artist David OReilly. SOULS began as a series of simple colorful paintings that grew over time into an expansive collection of never before seen digital beings built with love and shaped between two friends.

SOULS exist as virtual objects that can bounce, wiggle, dance, sleep, and even sing. Anyone can save a SOUL, but only 10,000 can have one.

There are and will only ever be 10,000 SOULS for the 8 billion people on Earth.

The SOULS Galaxy is a micro-metaverse that will be revealed on this site once mint is complete. It will be the place to play with your SOUL and others.

Beyond the artwork itself SOULS will reward holders in many ways. Post mint plans will begin to be revealed as the project rolls out. Here’s a quick roadmap sneak peek for now – the SOULS community will help Sia create new music AND make an impact with cause projects.